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Electronic music needs to be discovered by people as a precious source of connection between body and soul.

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         There is a very close relation between pain and pleasure versus how well and longer do we live our lives. The Oxi epidemic showed how bad for humans are drugs that mask the pain. We hear in the news but we dont get the sense of it until a TV show gets public. This is why art, series, films and music are so important!

        Everyday we see ourselves in the mirror and we realize the transformations happening in our bodies, in our skins in a way that we know that we were getting older and that death will come for us someday as well.

        So we are transforming every second,  we get sick and we change from time to time, or we workout and grow muscles, but when it comes to be a friend of pain in order to heal ourselves (to evolve) we cant let go and this is because the transformation seems to be an abomination. I am speaking about the fact that once we listen to our pain, we may change our bodies on purpose, but that is so hard to do because feels that without hearing the pain we are winning... but it is indeed the other way around!

          Brake your concepts knowing that this is a worthed struggle because pain manage leads us to a much more balanced mind and body and tend to shape for good our desires. Remember if the practice feels impossible: ´hurts too bad but that is the gate to a longer and healthier life!´

My intention is to make a podcast or a blog in the near future to discuss spirituality, but for now I have to take out of my chest and talk about the last events that happened on Earth, where the midia and the rulers were talking about U.F.O. appearences that were not true. This is because we feel the need to connect but we know that we live in a isolated planet. It is funny or sad how the majority can not realise that we are not alone! If you believe in any kind of miracle, you will understand that we are part of a whole and that all energy is fluid and available right now.

You dont have to believe in any specific religion, but if you do believe that existed a Jesus that came back from death, or a Buda that reach ilumination, or if you take simple cases such as that mother in the late ninities that uplift a car with her own hands to save her son that got hit, you will realise that there is something else out there that light up our spirit and provide us power to accomplished miracles.


We can find a huge number of examples, inside or outside religious borders that can prove us that we are connected with something greater and bigger than us, and that we dont need an advanced civilization to come here and tell us all of that. We are not alone and  we can be sure of that once we meditate for real or when we really let go and connect with some sort of art and music!

by Dfraog

Is it possible to raise awarness by listen to music or even heal your body and a disorder as you feel the trance? Off course, this is possible as long as you have an open mind, and set this goal before the music starts. You need to be one with the art, with the song, to let it cause some effect upon you.


When you dance a song and feel within the moment, you are doing active meditation. The reason why is simple: you are able to drop all your concerns and redirect your energy to balance your body.


There so many stimulus coming from the song and so many different sounds that the brain loses the association battle that happens all the time inside our brains and that is when you start to connect with nature, Spirit and everything else. You start to dissociate and are able to see the truth: we are one!

For a few moments you are free of thinking, and this grants true power to the listener. Also, you may perceive different things and brake some patterns housed in your mind. 

Every great song have the power to play with our feelings, but in the eletronic genre this happens with easy because of the huge amount of layers and combinations of instruments or vocals over a solid base of kick and bass. 

by Dfraog

The feeling of dancing without worrying about anything else is at least liberating. But a subject that is rarely addressed by scholars, thinkers and many who make the party happen, is that there is a spiritual line that emanates from electronic music.

 In some experiences, it is possible to feel extremely connected with nature and with people, as if everything were a single thing, it is undoubtedly transcendental, derived from the influence of the cosmic, emotional, melodic and numbing sound of trance in the body's energy field .

Surrendering to the sound and allowing yourself to feel, without worrying about what they will think or say about you is something that can change the way you see these events and what really happens with all the energy that surrounds these moments. Some barriers still need to be overcome by many regulars, materialism and futility do not match this environment. When people allow themselves, it will be possible for everyone to discover the spiritual messages hidden in the sound.

Some of the electronic genres are capable of taking us to meditative and expanding states of consciousness, without using any psychoactive substance. Electronic sound alone carries an unknown magic, emanating very subtle vibrations for the physical body, but with tremendous impact for the spirit.

Discover electronic music and be surprised when you find your spiritual sense.

by Randley

Some say that the system that humans live by is unbreakable but I consider it dumb. It is a great machine, but thats it, because it doenst work in favor of the human evolution. 

 It is like our thoughts or the system that rules our bodies inside out, it must work like a tool or it will control you. Imagine a singer that has to live their intire life preserving their vocal chords to pay rent, now imagine that this singer actually made into fame and earn lots of money. It wont last for new generations


by Dfraog

Don't you understand when you see texts or images related to the trance culture talking about the sacred and showing people with their eyes closed and expressions of glory?

It is not the case to explain, because it is something to be felt only. But it is possible to say that there are neurological explanations for the transcendental action of this music in our body, of what an area of ​​knowledge called Neuroteology (“also known as Bioteology or Spiritual Neuroscience, which studies the cognitive processes that produce subjective experiences traditionally categorized as religious or spiritual, relating them to activity patterns in the brain, and seeking to discover how and why they evolved in humans, and the benefits of these experiences ”).

Trance has a melody characterized by a time between 130 and 160 BPM, presenting melodic parts of synthesizer and a progressive musical form during the composition, in an increasing or fragmented way, but always based on the harmonic repetition of sounds that has the power to raise awareness to transcendental states that enable the individual to identify hidden manifestations of the mind (that is, psychedelia).

It is a song that “induces the listener to an altered state that“ deactivates ”the current consciousness” (…) “the mind is more easily able to disrupt and disorient the normal flow of thoughts, causing confusion to the beginner, but calming the repeated practitioner ”(…)“ Alters the habitual experience of your emotions and your common physiological processes, consequently producing a new rhythmic model capable of restructuring your consciousness and making you enter another world. The highly accelerated rhythms and ritualistic movements of the dance synchronize and harmonize the fragments and associations of confused and disorganized thoughts in the mind of the listener and, in this way, the conscience is settled. The mind of the person who appreciates this sound in its essence becomes an empty pot in which objects of perception and unconscious and intuitive elements of the experience can be accommodated, which, in general, are repressed, huddled or blocked by our chaotic and incessant flow disorganized thoughts. ” (Source: Daniela Mesquita).

In this context, the experience of Trance ended up creating a true culture, especially a modern representation of counterculture, inspired by the mixture of the ideals of the hippie movement of the 60s and primitive rituals of connection with the universe. A movement that aims to break with the negative values ​​currently imposed by current culture, based on economic power and discriminatory and segregating social rules, giving rise to the cultivation of values ​​such as peace, love, unity and respect (consecrated in the acronym PLUR , from English, Peace, Love, Unit, Respect). This happens through music and dance, as a way of reaching a heightened state of consciousness, which puts the lover in communion with nature and the cosmos.

It is not by chance, therefore, that primitive elements of Trance can be found in the religious roots of shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism, which even today mark the expression of Trance culture among those who experience it and daily use the language and visual elements from these cultures. , as an example is “Om” (ॐ), which is the most important mantra of Hinduism, because it is considered “the sound of the universe” and the seed that fertilizes the other mantras.

by Aline de Moura

Did you know?

In ancient Egypt acappellas were used to mitigate pain and insomnia

Did you know?

Pythagoras used to listen to music to control rage and develop intellect

Did you know?

Music produces dopamine, that helps to control the stress and  repare damaged tissues

Did you know?

Patients that listen to music before and after surgery tend to have a better response in their treatments

“We cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it” Einstein

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