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Our History

                 Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there lived a peaceful and highly commited civilization of amphibian creatures known as the Dfragorians. These creatures were known throughout the Universe for their extraordinary musical abilities and their passion for the arts. They lived in harmony with each other on planet Amphibia and had calm diplomatic relations with many other species that inhabited their galaxy.

                  One day, the  council received a message from a distant planet in a neighboring galaxy. The message was a distress call from a planet called Earth. The message described how the humans on Earth were constantly at war with each other, causing destruction and suffering.

                  The Dfragorian council decided to send a mission to Earth to promote peace through the universal language of music and art. They chose Valar Dfraog to lead the mission because this creature believed that music could be a gateway to healing and to elevation. Dfraog was given a spaceship equipped with the latest technology and a team of fellow Dfragorians to accompany him on his journey.

                  Valar and his team traveled through the vast expanse of space until they finally arrived on Earth. They landed in a remote area of a continent called South America, where they hoped to begin their mission. 

                  At first, the humans were afraid of the strange alien creatures, but Valar and his team soon will win their trust through their peaceful demeanor, a new hybrid frog and humanoide shape and their beautiful music and art.

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